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Who are we ?

Since 1996: quality, service and respect of deadlines.

Since the beginning, our core business has been focused on boilermaking equipment and industrial piping. We are mainly working on the project.

Our Know-How

A responsive team

Our team of 15 employees provides a reactive and efficient structure. CEPHI shares its activity between :

  • Pressure equipment according to codes (RCC-M, CODAP, EN 13445, CODETI, EN 13480, ASME, AD-MERKBLATT …)
  • Cryogenics (Diaphragm® tablecloths, electric heaters, etc.)
  • Nuclear energy
  • The industry in general
  • Maintenance (electrical, mechanical and automation)

CEPHI Certifications

At the beginning of the 2000s, CEPHI was recognized by the largest clients in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Shortly afterwards, CEPHI obtained ISO 9001 certification and also turned to the nuclear market. To do this, CEPHI has obtained the CEFRI certification until September 2023, which is essential to work in a nuclear environment.

Our Certifications


Based on stainless steel boilermaking and a specialist in pressure vessels, our speciality now lies in providing complete solutions to our customers (from design to installation) with the same objective: Quality, On-time delivery, Service, for your satisfaction.

This allows us to conquer new markets while continuing to satisfy our long-standing customers.

photo d'un employé cephi dans le bureau d'études

CEPHI in a few dates

1996 Creation of CEPHI

2000 – CEPHI is recognized by the largest clients in chemistry and pharmacy.

2001 – Obtaining ISO 9001 certification

2002 – Obtaining CEFRI certification

2004 – Acquisition of a know-how license for the vaporization of air gases that allows you to enter the cryogenics market.

2013 – Integration of new know-how with insulation, polishing, electrical piloting, development of our testing and instrumentation capacities.

2021 – CEPHI joins La French Fab

Successfully completed projects

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